Liaoning Metals&Minerals Enterprise is founded in 1996. We are a leading raw materials producing and trading combined company .Our company supplies domestic and foreign trade with mining products and is involved in exploiting, developing, processing and selling.
Our company produces Talc , magnesite brucite Wollastoniteand kaolin. Talc and magnesite are produced in Haicheng City , which is famous for it's large deposits and worldclass quality.
    Our mines have very large deposits.We can produce more than 20,000 tons per year. Our company has three processing factories    [Detail information]
  Talc is a Magnesium Silicate containing water, the theoretical chemical formulas is Mg3(SiO4)(OH)2, the theoretical chemical composition is MgO 31.68%, SiO2 63.47%, H2O 4.25% .   
  Talc color is white, light green, little pink, light grey pearl polishing, or fatty polishing, hardness: 1, density: 2.7g/cm3, slippery.   
  Talc is strongly absorptive to oil, chemical character is stable, it has higher isolation and heat-resistance.   
  The using of Talc: using in Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical-food, Dope, Paper-making, Plastic, Rubber, Cable, Pottery, etc.   
  Talc produced by using standard (GB 15342-94) ( B P 9 8 ) (Europe NO.4 PH.EUR.4)
  Magnesite &Magnesia
  Wollastonite & Kaolin
  Other non-metallic
We offer competitive price.
We provide professional product consultation.
We have precise quality control department.
We have complete customer services system.
We have export quota permit of some restrict minerals products.
We provide all kinds of certificate according to clients’ requirements.
We are willing to help clients look for any potential products and goods.
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